We believe that the bible is the inspired word of God, and that it is the
final authority in every aspect of our lives. We desire to live by the 
truths of the bible. 

We believe in the literal Genesis accounts of a Six-Day Creation, the fall 
of man in the Garden of Eden, a world-wide flood, and the confusion of 
language and dispersion of mankind at the Tower of Babel.

We believe in the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Birth, Salvation by Faith in 
Christ, who will soon return to this world, and the literal existence of 

We believe that to be saved, you must "Repent, Believe, and Receive Christ 
the Son of GOD as our Lord and Saviour." We believe that you must be born 
again and be made a new creature in Christ, created in His Likeness, 
showing forth His Virtues, and producing good works that come as a result 
of His living within you. We believe that only those who remain faithful 
until the end will be saved.

We believe in the "Teachings of the Bible, simplicity, modesty, and 
non-conformity apply to every area of our lives, including dress, 
appearance,possessions, social, and recreational activities." we believe 
that electronic entertainment is detrimental to Christian living and, that 
due to its tendency to draw us away from GOD, all electronic innovation 
should be viewed and used with caution. We believe that Christ must have 
control of our lives and that when He controls us others know this.

We believe churches should observe practices ordained by the Lord and set 
forth by His Apostles, including the Lord's Prayer, the Lord's Supper, and 
Baptism. Also the kiss-of-charity, the anointing of oil. Due to the 
historically demonstrated tendency for individuals and churches to drift 
from Scriptural to worldly or secular practices, we believe it is important 
for local communities to work together on practical applications of Bible 

We believe that marriage is instituted by GOD as a lifelong union between 
one biological man and one biological woman, that life begins at conception,
and that children are a blessing from GOD.

We believe that "although we live in this world, We Are Not Of This World." 
We are pilgrims and strangers, and as such, we must follow the dictates and 
standards of our home country - "Heaven." We do not choose to retaliate or 
take revenge, or participate in wars, but we will seek to protect our 
families and communities should the need arise. We also seek to offer 
goodness and friendship and be ready to give of ourselves for others.

Our goal is the same as our Lord's, "who would have all mankind saved." 

Et Leh Et

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